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  1. yes, I completely uninstall the plugin and delete all the devices and try from the start but it's all the same. I Don't know if this help but my air condition That doesn't have the fan and power control is from Samsung. Now my plugin doesn't work at all i get this message: CRITICAL: Plugin has disconnected.
  2. Hi. First here is the pic from my air conditioner that has the fan control. second I try to update to the new version but it's all the same no control over fan or power 😞
  3. Hi. again I delete the device but when he recreates again all the same no fan control and no power buttons. here is the app fan control for this device.
  4. Yes on the sensibo app I can see the fan speed. this is my fan speed status graphics.
  5. Hi. I'm running windows version And yes i select al the options.
  6. Hi... I just installed the plugin and I see all my airconditioners but I missing some control on homeseer like fan speed control and power button I just don't have or see the buttons to use them. anyone know how to fix this..? Thanks,
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