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  1. I had seen similar over the past day or so where the content of the "Device" tab on the "Admin Panel" was blank. Disabling and re-enabling the plug-in seemed to resolve that issue for me. Once that screen populated, it was just a matter of pressing the "Add" button to create the devices.
  2. Yes. As noted in my original post, the Plug-In version is I will get get the debug log file for you later today. Note as well, that the crash only happens after the "Add" button has been clicked to create the Homeseer devices. Thank you.
  3. I have not been able to use the plug-in since upgrading to HS4 (Version My Homeseer log repeated shows these results, and the server displays a dialog box informing me that the executable has stopped working (see attached file). Plug-in version is Plugin SensiboClimate has connected. IP: SensiboClimate loaded in 15035 milliseconds Initializing plugin SensiboClimate ... Plugin SensiboClimate started successfully in 30 milliseconds Plugin SensiboClimate with ID: and Instance: has disconnected I/O interface SensiboClimate is down,
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